Randy and Rai are a husband and wife duo whose singin’, songwritin’, storytellin’, with a little bit of crazy mixed in, sets them apart from other entertainers. Their soul desire is to connect with audiences through song and story, which are mostly all true. Sharing tales about their lives through their songs and stories sprinkled with humour (cause you can’t really make this stuff up) in a way that brings audiences in, creating an intimate setting, kind of like sitting around the kitchen table, with friends. The style of music they are most passionate about writing and performing is traditional country, because it’s straight-forward and to the point. They have currently recorded 3 CDs and are working toward their 4th, which is destined to be out by spring of 2017. Although Randy has been performing since 1987, the two of them have shared the stage for the last 8 years performing throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, honing their craft as entertainers.

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